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Personal Accounts

Curious about CBT? Here are some first-hand accounts from people who have had CBT for a range of different reasons...

Dr Jo Edge's Story

CBT for OCD and depression

I suffer with depression and OCD: and was lucky to get referred to CADAT where I was...

Chris S's Story

CBT for Psychotic Experiences

CBT is a very structured talking therapy. It has a holistic approach, addressing all aspects of...

Sarah's Story


I had 20 sessions of CBT for OCD. Before this, I had struggled with anxiety and depression...

Chris W's Story

CBT for Depression

CBT is not about turning up and talking. You do talk – and the more you talk openly and...

Frank's Story


I came to the end of a course of treatment for OCD at the Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma...

Nadia's Story


I don’t think I would still be here now if it wasn’t for CBT. I knew I hadn’t dealt with my trauma...

Nick's Story


CBT is a method of instructing a sufferer on how to deal with the disturbing thoughts and memories by..

Ben's Story

CBT for Chronic Fatigue

I was able to have CBT at the Maudsley hospital after 4 years of progressively worsening Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...

Abdi's Story

CBT for Social Anxiety

I see CBT as a tool, a tool to get my life back together, I wanted to take control of my life and improve my quality of life ...