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Registration Appeals 

What to do if you don’t agree with our decision on your application or audit

If you don’t agree with a decision we have made about any Registration submission, you can appeal.

Grounds for appeal

We will accept appeals on the following grounds –

  • you believe that you have demonstrated that you have met the required standards of the application or audit submission 


  • you believe that our decision was not accurate, equitable and fair


  • you believe that we did not follow our own procedures

How to appeal

You must make your appeal by email to the following address. It must be sent within 28 days of the date we sent you the outcome of your application or audit. 

Wellbeing Practitioner applications or audits -

In your email, please state the grounds for the appeal, providing any relevant evidence. It doesn’t have to be in formal or legal language. 


Please let us know if we need to make reasonable adjustments to support you in making your appeal. Email us at the address above telling us the best way we can contact you, including times you are available if it is by phone. We will arrange to discuss how to help you with submitting your appeal.

Stages in the appeal review process


When we receive your email, we will note on your record that you have launched appeal. We aim acknowledge receipt of your appeal within 28 days.

Initial review stage

The Chief Accreditation Officer & Registrar (CAOR) or Accreditation Liaison Manager (ALM) will review your grounds for appeal, and gather more information from relevant parties where needed.

They may meet with you and/or the accreditor and/or the Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) as part of the review process.

Initial decision-making stage

The CAOR or ALM will reach a decision. It will be one of the following - 

Appeal Upheld 

We will identify any learning opportunities for us and update our guidance or processes if appropriate. You will be informed of this outcome.  

Appeal not upheld 

We will let you know that we did not uphold your appeal and inform you how to make a further appeal to the Practitioner Accreditation and Registration Committee (PARC). We will also tell you how to complain about any BABCP team member.

Uncertain outcome - need committee guidance 

The CAOR or ALM will refer the appeal to the BABCP Practitioner and Registration Committee (PARC) for decision. We will inform you of this and the date of the meeting.  

Final review and decision-making stage

Where an appeal has been referred to PARC by the member or by the CAOR or ALM, at least three members of PARC will convene to review the application or audit, the appeal and the CAOR or ALM’s review.

They may arrange a meeting with you and/or accreditor/accreditation liaison officer (ALO) as part of the process where necessary. 

The PARC will reach a decision. The Chair of PARC or their deputy will inform you of the outcome. There is no further option to appeal the outcome. 


The appeals process is for Registration decisions only. 

If you wish to make an complaint about other areas of BABCP’s processes or services, please consult our Organisational Complaints Policy.

If a complaint has been made against a member, or a breach of Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics is alleged, these are dealt with via our Complaints Procedure. You can find details of this process on our Raising a Concern webpage

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