Wellbeing Practitioner Registration & Membership Policy

Wellbeing Practitioner Registration & Membership Policy


This policy covers all activities that form part of the Wellbeing Practitioner Registration & Membership Process. In order for the policy to be effective, there are expectations for key stakeholders involved in the process.

It is the responsibility of the senior management staff in conjunction with the Practitioner Accreditation Committee and ultimately the Board of Trustees to ensure that this policy remain fit for purpose and ensure best practice.

Core Principles

BABCP promotes the safe and effective delivery of CBT principles and therapy skills. Wellbeing Practitioners are specially trained to work with people who have common mental health problems such as anxiety disorders and depression, to support them in managing their recovery through CBT based interventions and guided self-help.

We recognise that Wellbeing Practitioners are at the forefront of a number of emerging new professional groups who are applying cognitive behavioural principles in exciting and innovative ways and our aim is to expand our recognition of and support these emerging professions, which are revolutionising our approach to the delivery of psychological therapies in a number of specialist areas.

Entry requirements for BABCP Wellbeing Practitioner Registration

To be eligible for BABCP Wellbeing Practitioner Registration, an applicant must meet the criteria for their Registration type. Please select the appropriate link option below to view the criteria for each Registration type:

Application process

  • The application process is online via the BABCP website (please refer to the links provided above). This will include providing all relevant information such as personal details, place of work, qualifications etc.
  • All registrations require a Supervisor Report to be submitted. This should be sent up to one month before the online application for Wellbeing Practitioner Registration is made.

Understanding your Membership and Wellbeing Practitioner Registration

Membership of BABCP and Wellbeing Practitioner Registration are separate. As such, your Membership fee and Registration fee are payable separately on the anniversary of date joined and your Wellbeing Practitioner Registration date.

Fees for a Wellbeing Practitioner Registration

    • The Wellbeing Practitioner Registration application fee of £45.00 is payable at the point of online application for registration.
    • This fee of £45.00 is non-refundable.
    • If this fee is not paid within 30 days of application submission, your application will be deleted.
    • All ongoing fees are annual and payable on the anniversary of your Wellbeing Practitioner Registration date. Payments can be made over the telephone or online, details will be provided as part of the membership journey. If payment is not received within one month of the request, your Wellbeing Practitioner Registration will be lapsed.

    Cancellation of Membership

    BABCP membership can be cancelled within 30 days from the date of joining or of the anniversary renewal date to receive a full refund. If a Member is also a Registered Wellbeing Practitioner, cancellation of membership will also result in this Registration being lapsed. 

    There is no reimbursement of fees if cancellation of membership occurs within the membership year, however the membership will continue to the point of renewal and you will still have the member benefits.

    Process for Refunds

    Refunds will be payable via the payment method received. This is usually within 14 days from the date processed.

    Re-joining BABCP

    An applicant who has previously been a member of BABCP and wishes to re-join is able to do so. Practitioners who wish to re-join the Wellbeing Practitioner Register can re-apply. If the applicant was previously expelled by BABCP, the application will be reviewed by the Standards Committee for a decision. 

    Declaration or disclosures

    Declarations and disclosures made as part of the BABCP application process and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. BABCP has the discretion to reject a membership and/or Wellbeing Practitioner Registration application on the basis of the impact on its reputation as a charity and safeguarding obligations. BABCP is bound by the Equality Act 2010 and the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

    It may be necessary to refer an application to other areas of the organisation, including but not limited to the BABCP Complaints and Resolutions Manager. Please review our complaints policy here.

    Refusal of Member 

    BABCP has the right to refuse membership for new members and re-joiners. This is in order to maintain its reputation as a professional membership organisation and charity, the decisions will be taken fairly and rationally, by reference to BABCP’s Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics (or other applicable rules). A decision may be made on the basis of information contained in the application or in the case of re-joiners information held on file.

    Data Usage

    BABCP has a privacy statement which outlines what information and data we will hold about you as a member. This can be found on the BABCP website here.

    An applicant who becomes Registered as a Wellbeing Practitioner will have their membership number and region included on the Wellbeing Practitioner section of the CBT Register UK & Ireland.

    It is the responsibility of the Wellbeing Practitioner Registered member to keep BABCP informed of any changes in their details or circumstances.

    Member Conduct

    The BABCP Standards of Conduct, Performance and Ethics as published by the Association apply to all members of BABCP. It is the members responsibility to ensure that they understand these. Failure to adhere to the standards can result in the expulsion from membership of BABCP.

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