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A series of three articles by Dr Marlene Winell

Leaving the Fold

Marlene Winell is the author of Leaving the Fold: A Guide for Former Fundamentalists and Others Leaving their Religion, published by Aprocryphile Press and available from most online booksellers.

Dr Winell also has weekend retreats and an ongoing recovery group online called Release and Reclaim for people recovering from RTS and rebuilding their lives. The group is confidential, includes a forum and international conference calls, and is open to new members. Participants are at various stages of recovery and from varied backgrounds. For more information, email, or visit or

California based psychologist, educator and writer Dr Marlene Winell has gained an international reputation for her work, in both community and academic settings, with those who have left religious communities across the world, including the UK.

CBT Today, the official BABCP magazine, published three articles by Dr Winell on the subject of Religious Trauma Syndrome.

The BABCP website now offers readers the opportunity to read all three articles in full – follow the links below:

Article 1: Religious Trauma Syndrome: It’s Time to Recognize it

Article 2: Understanding Religious Trauma Syndrome: Trauma from Religion

Article 3: Understanding Religious Trauma Syndrome: Trauma from Leaving Religion